Reflective think piece: Art

by | Jan 24, 2021 | College (3-4), Critical Thinking

These are the course learning objectives.

1. The student will gain understanding of integrated humanities and its major elements of art, literature and music.

2. The student will gain an overview of the development of human creative expression and ideas from the earliest records to the present.

3. The student will grow in appreciation of the arts by acquiring a working knowledge of the terminology used in the diverse fields of the arts.

4. The student will gain an appreciation of the role that the arts play in human culture.

In the reflective think piece, your task is to demonstrate which of the learning objectives for the course you have achieved. You will demonstrate this achievement by writing a well-formed think piece that cites (gives) at least two examples of evidence from your coursework to support your achievement.

Remember: you must use the evidence to support your argument. Do not just say, “You can see I have achieved learning outcome number 1 by looking at my first think piece.” You have to say something like, “You can see from my first think piece, where I say this that and the other thing, that I demonstrate my achievement of learning outcome number 1.” You can also reference things you have written in discussion board posts or your responses in specific Explore assignments.

Like all think pieces, this is to be no fewer than—>>> 400 words and please include a word count.

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