Regression period Intelligence

Discussion topic: Regression. The work is to be 1 page with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Regression period Intelligence, defined as the ability of a human being to comprehend new situations or react to new and challenging scenarios by abstract thinking and application of learned knowledge to reason. Intelligence quotient (IQ) tends to be a measure of the intelligence of an individual (Boeree, 2003). It is a score arrived at after taking a set of standardized tests, and it acts as an indicator of academic prowess. People with scores under 70 are said to be mentally retarded while those with scores over 130 regarded as having a superior IQ (Boeree, 2003). The data provided on the IQ of the child and the mother is normally distributed with respect to descriptive statistics meaning that the majority of the population falls around the average range. There are few members of the population with very high and very low scores (Boeree, 2003).The purpose of this report provided the two sets of data will be to show the regression of the variables. the IQ of the mother and the IQ of the child. Regression is the measure of statistical dependence and relationship between two variables used to extrapolate the expected behaviour of the variables in different conditions (Boeree, 2003). In the writing of this report, I will divide the IQ scores into groups. I will hence plot a line graph of the mother’s and the child’s IQ score against the number of children for each group. I will use the line graphs because they will result in different IQ graphs of the mother and the child allowing comparison to reveal regression trends. I will then calculate the average children IQ for each group of mothers. The trend of the relationship between the IQ of the mother and the child is revealed from these graphs, and this is what will be used to write a report (Boeree, 2003).References Boeree, G. (2003). Intelligence and IQ. Retrieved July 14, 2014, from Webspace:

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