Relationship between fine art and commercial art

Submit a 250 words essay on the topic Relationship between fine art and commercial art.One time Andy was infected with rheumatic fever and was confined to bed. During this period, Warhol read comic literature, made paper dolls, listened to the radio as well as posted images of movie celebrities around his bed. This period of his sickness was very significant in the developing his personality as well as in the forming of his preferences and skill-set.Warhol showed an untimely artistic ability and learned commercial art after recovering at the Carnegie Museum of Art. In several ways, Andy Warhol expanded and refined the idea of what it means to be an artist. He regularly took the producer position, rather than a creator, not just as a painter, but as a filmmaker and with his profitable enterprises as well. He was fond of coining an idea and then overseeing or delegating its implementation. As he advanced this aspect of his work, The Factory grew into an office from an atelier. He became, and he is still a company’s public face and a brand, as well as the core of Pop

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