Human resources and core business functions

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The purpose of this assignment is to provide an opportunity to examine the relationship between human resources and core business functions by interviewing either an HR Strategic Business Partner or an organizational executive who is responsible for finance, marketing and/or operations. Whether you interview an executive within your current organization or outside of it, prepare for the interview by reviewing the company information including their website, annual report and other appropriate information to be familiar with the business and its customers.

As a SHRM member, you have access to the member directory and are able to reach out and network with HR professionals. If you want to interview anHR professional who works as a strategic business partner, this assignment provides an excellent opportunity to expand your network by requesting an interview with a SHRM member; see the sample email requestposted in Week 2 Documents and Resources.

If you elect to reach out to a SHRM member using the SHRM directory, bear in mind that email can take some time and you may not get a response from everyone you reach out to. Plan early and follow-up often!

Executive Interview Questions

The interview must include the 4 Interview questions listed below; take notes but do not record the interview.

1.What is your role and responsibilities in ensuring the organization achieves its strategic business goals?

2.How do external factors such as the competitive, economic, legal and political environments impact the organization?

3.What is the relationship of human resources to core business functions and strategy?

4.What are the significant business challenges facing your organization in the future and how are they being addressed?

Briefly describe the business of the organization, its customers and why you chose this individual to interview

•Summarize the responses to the interview questions

•Conclude by identifying 2 –3 insights gained into the relationship between human resources and core business functions.

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