Relationship between police and community

In Unit V, your assignment was to begin writing the first part of the final research paper. This required students to submit the first several pages of their project: APA title page, APA abstract,introduction (including your thesis statement), review of the literature, and references page.The final portion of the paper will include the following:discussion of the literature;analysis and findings of your research;conclusions drawn from your research, including how the media can operate to help improve the relationship between the police and the community, especially in regards to citizen perceptions of police regarding use of force and/or excessive use of force; and APA references, including all references used in the development of your paper.

As you are combining the first part of your paper with the final portion, be sure to incorporate any feedback that you may have received from your professor in Unit V. Your research paper should consist of at least five pages.All papers must be in APA Style that includes the items listed above and use of peer-reviewed journal articles, government documents, books, or monographs. Never use anything from newspapers, news outlets, blogs, websites, or anything Wiki as they are not academically acceptable, contain significant bias, or they are can be altered (Wikipedia).

This is the final paper for the research project. You will need to incorporate the information from the files I have attached. This final paper MUST BE 5 pages long, not including the title page and the reference page. All references MUST BE included in the final project.

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