The purpose of this assignment is to provide you with an opportunity to examine the relationship between strategic staffing and the business by interviewing a recruiting or talent acquisition manager/leader. Prepare for the interview by reviewing the company information including their website, annual report and other appropriate information to be familiar with the business and its customers.

Request a 30-min interview with a talent acquisition leader that you may know or use your LinkedIn connections or your SHRM member directory.

This assignment provides an excellent opportunity to expand your network by requesting an interview talent acquisition leader, LinkedIn connection or SHRM member. A sample email request is posted in Week 4 Documents and Resources.

If you elect to reach out to a LinkedIn connection or SHRM member using the SHRM directory, bear in mind that email can take some time and you may not get a response from everyone you reach out to. Plan early and follow-up often!

Strategic Staffing Interview Questions

The interview must include the following Key Interview Questions listed below but ask follow-up questions to get specific answers for each; take notes but do not record or transcribe the interview. When writing your paper, summarize what you heard and support your comments with a minimum of 2 academic sources.

Describe this company’s strategic staffing strategy. What is your role and responsibilities in ensuring the organization achieves its staffing strategy goals?
How do external factors such as the competitive, economic, legal and political environments impact the staffing strategies in this organization? What is done to address them?
Highlight the company’s staffing guidelines for the following actions:

Internal movement, including promotions, transfers, and redeployment
Use of contingent or part-time staff

What are the significant staffing challenges facing your organization in the future? How are they being addressed?

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