Relationships between businesses, and external entities

by | Jul 12, 2022 | Business Studies

Assignment 3

The purpose of this assignment is to understand the relationships between businesses, and external entities such as Transparency International, and the impact these organizations have in steering companies into acting ethically.

This assignment helps to achieve course learning outcomes 1, 2 and 3 and module learning outcome 6.1

For this exercise, we are going to be examining some material on a website run by the group Transparency International: the global coalition against corruption.

Follow the steps below, and respond to the questions.

1) Go to the Transparency International site at the following location:  read the organization’s “about us” page. Did you know this organization existed? Do you think organizations such as this will help control corruption worldwide? Why/why not?

2) View the results of the 2019 corruption perceptions index.  . This index shows how each country is viewed by international business people, in terms of the level of corruption in that country. Higher numbers indicate less corruption.

Were you surprised by the results? Did you expect the US to be higher or lower? Why? Were there any other countries that surprised you by their location? Why?

3) Now examine the bribe payer’s index: (I am not sure why they have not updated this.) Were you surprised by these results? Why/why not?

4) What could the US do to improve their rankings? Should the US try to improve their rankings? Why or why not?

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