Religious institution to dialogue

Visit a religious institution to dialogue with a member of another religion. VRI PresentationYou are to make a brief 3-minute video of yourself giving a presentation about how the VRI impacted your thinking, including a “before” and “after” analysis of your knowledge of this religion.The presentation is not on specifics or details of the institution you visited but how the visit personally affected your thinking about this particular religious tradition. As you prepare the presentation, write down some reflections on what you thought about the religion before your visit, and whether and how those thoughts were challenged or reaffirmed in readings or in dialogue at the VRI.Excellent presentations will tie presentation comments to a topic in the lectures or class readings, including readings on interfaith leadership skills, and experience of VRI visit. The presentation is your chance to tell the professor and class what has happened to your previous thinking about a religion by going through the process of reading about the religion, and then seeing religion up-close.VRI PaperThis course introduces students to the empathetic approach to the study of world religions, which requires that we strive to “get into the shoes” of members of the world’s religions through dialogue. In order to help students understand and become familiar with the life of some members of world’s religions, students in the course are asked to visit a religious institution or VRI in their local city. You will then write what is called a VRI paper that captures your experience in detail. Think of the paper as a report on the institution combined with your reflections on the experience. In this paper you are asked to describe the institution, and its relation to the various traditions that you study, among other things (for example, identify whether the institution is a church in the Protestant or Catholic tradition; whether the institution is a Jewish synagogue in the Reform tradition; or if it is a Buddhist temple, whether it is Theravada). Be sure to read the Rubric for the VRI paper assignment for further details.I will make the presentation I just need the presentation written. Epiphany Catholic Church

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