CASE: Apple Inc. in 2021; Can it Sustain Its Growth and Defend against New Competitive Threats? How well has Tim Cook done in comparison to Steve Jobs? (Please update to present day)

1) What are the chief elements of Apple’s overall competitive strategy? How well does it fit together? Is the strategy evolving with competitive conditions in the market place?

2) What are the key elements of Apple’s Strategy in computers, personal media players, tablet computers and smartphones? Have its strategies in its core businesses yielded success? Please use data to support your conclusions.

3) Which of these segments do you think means the most to Apple’s future growth and profitability? Why? Please use facts and data to support your conclusions.

4) What is your assessment of Apple’s financial performance over the past several full years, i.e. FY: 14’, 15’, 16’ and FY 2021? Please use the primary measures for assessment of a company such as Revenue/sales growth, pretax profit growth, growth in earnings per share, stock price performance, etc.

5) How well do you think Tim Cook has done as the leader of Apple Inc. as compared to his predecessor Steve Jobs? What are the key elements of Tim Cook’s overall leadership and management style? What if anything would you recommend he do differently?

6) What recommendations would you make to Apple as they face the next three years?

Please update the Case Including Financial measures to present day.