Research paper: FRIDA KAHLO

by | Jan 19, 2021 | College (1-2), Research Paper

Prepare a research paper over the topic you selected for the final project (any topic related to the Hispanic historyor culture), which was previously approved by the instructor.
Research paper must be written in a Word Document, font size # 12 (Arial or Times New Roman), double spaced and must have, 3- 4 complete pages, plus a cover page and a works cited (bibliography) page, with a minimum of 5 resources.
Research paper can be written in English or in Spanish and it must be written using the MLA or APA format.
Review spelling and writing mechanics as these will be considered as part of the grade. If you type in Spanish, make sure that your writing includes all necessary accents.

Please note: Plagiarism tools through SafeAssign will be enforced, please make sure that you cite any information you copy word by word or you rephrase from any of the sources you use for your project. SafeAssign Originality Reports will be provided to the instructor, students must not copy more than 30% of the information.

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