Research Paper: Mental Disorders & Treatment

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General Overview
This will be a 2-part assignment in which you will investigate the same disorder. In the first part, you analyzed the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders – Fifth Edition’s (DSM-5) diagnostic criteria for a specific disorder. Now in
this subsequent assignment, you will look at treatment options.

Specific Assignment Instructions
Welcome to the actual research portion of the Research Papers assignments. In this assignment you will need to find various treatment options for your specific disorder. As we discussed in Chapter 3, treatment options are always being developed for the various disorders and pathologies diagnosable using the DSM-5.
You will need to find at least 2 treatment options for your disorder. The major caveat is that they must be supported by some research. Remember the idea of the field is to find disorders that can be treated, just like the biomedical model would
have it. You will be presenting these treatment options in your essay. Say what the treatment aims to do and its basis (also called the model it is based on like cognitive or psychodynamic). What is new about it, if it is new? Provide evidence of
its effectiveness. There is a lot of leeway here, all that is expected is that you effectively present at least two treatment options.

Some things to consider is that some disorders will not have a specific treatment to them; rather, the cluster of disorders will have researched treatments. In the case of trichotillomania, this would be researched as an anxiety-related or obsession compulsive disorder and may not have a specific treatment to it. The DSM-5 itself will give you clues about treatment.

No specific treatment is expected to be discussed. You can research psychotropic medication, behavior therapy, psychotherapy, or any alternative methods. Consider innovative therapies (e.g. grounding/rooting) if you wish. You will need to cite a minimum of 3 academic journal articles to help support the efficacy and effectiveness of the therapies. This does not mean you need 3 articles for each, but a minimum total of 3 academic journal article references. Any other type of reference is encouraged, but the journal articles will be a focal point in the grading of the assignment.

How do I find academic journal articles about treatment?
There is a magnitude of resources at your disposal to find these articles provided conveniently by the library. Like always, a simple browse on the internet can give you a good head start, but you will need to use specific searches to find journal articles. Some good search engines to use are PsychInfo or PsychArticles. If you want to research medical treatments, then PubMed is always a good start. The big thing to consider is that the article needs to be peer-reviewed. Some governmental reports can definitely be used but make sure they are from accurate reporting authorities, such as NIMH or CDC. Google Scholar can sometimes be helpful.

You will need to write this assignment using APA formatting. The structure at a minimum should be a cover page, 3 full pages of body content, and a reference page. In total it will be 5 pages minimum. You are allowed a maximum of 6 pages of body content. Make sure to write in the 3rd person. Make sure to write everything in Times New Roman, 12-pt., and double-spaced format. The paper will look dull and boring, but that is what I’ve become accustomed to. You should not be using any headings for this assignment, but the header on the top of the page is wanted.
Also, no abstract is necessary. It is expected you edit your assignment and it is free of common grammatical errors.
Here is a great link to some information about meeting the APA formatting requirement.

Submitting It
You will submit this assignment on Blackboard through a link under the Research Paper content page. It will be reviewed using SafeAssign. Make sure to submit it as either a .doc, .docx, or .pdf file format.

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