Using information from the lectures, assignments and discussions, students will write a paper on “Tips for a Health Relationship”. Imagine you are writing tips which you believe could be important for a sibling/friend/partner to know when preparing for dating and/or establishing a romantic relationship. Describe the tips you selected and provide a few sentences of supporting information for each tip.

For each tip add you own opinion and analysis. You can include anecdotal information about your own relationships or relationships you observe to explain why this tip is important. For each tip include 1-3 or sentences or direct quotation (proper APA citation) from research journals, news articles or web sites that shows support of each tip.
Example guidance- 5 tips, estimate of 1 pager per tip and 5 articles. For a tip such as “Never go to Bed Angry” look for an article that supports communication. You can have less than or more than 5 tips but must quote at minimum 5 articles and be a minimum of 5 complete pages.

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