Resilience Paper

NEUR 2000 – Assessment 3

DUE 04/11 by 4 PM

This is an individual TWO part project ; thus, all work should be done independently and without the assistance of others in the class. Per academic honesty policy outlined in the syllabus, no part of this project may be uploaded to a website.

Thank you for maintaining the highest levels of integrity .

DUE DATE: Wednesday, 4/11 by 4 PM

VALUE: 200 course points

SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS: Upload a PDF or Word document to iCollege by 4 pm on 4/11.

ICollege TurnItIn score: Be sure that your Turn-It-In score is below 15% or the submission will not be graded, and academic honesty violation will be submitted. But You can view your score 1 hour after submission and may upload a revised version prior to the due date with no penalties. The TurnItIn score can be viewed by clicking “Completion status,” in the iCollege submission folder.

PART I – RESOURCES (100 points)

For each of the 10 resilience factors, identify 1 GSU program and 1 outside program that fosters that trait. 20 programs should be identified . Provide the name, website, and 2-3 complete sentences describing how each program contributes to resilience.

Rubric: Each factor is worth 10 points – program name (2 pts), website provided (2 pts), description (6 pts)


Think of a person who has demonstrated resilience. Describe that person and how they overcame adversities through resilience. You may write about yourself (ideal), someone you know, or a historical figure. [Please note that if you describe sexual abuse or assault, it must and will be reported to GSU Dean of Students. This is to ensure that victims get the help they need to recover.]

Essay should 2 full pages DOUBLE SPACED – 1” margins, 11 font Calibri/Times New Roman/Arial.  

Rubric: Describe adversity (30 pts), Provide examples at how the person exhibited at least 3 resiliency traits (60 pts), Grammar/Spelling/Usage/Organization (10 pts).

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