Respiratory System newsletter

Newsletter (260 to 350 words), in your own words. Microsoft Word has a newsletter template that can be utilized for your assignment. Each of the following elements must be included in your Respiratory System newsletter.

Identify the structure and function of the respiratory system. Identify the major structures found in the system.

Define the function of this system.

Describe major diseases that affect the respiratory system.

Identify 1 or 2 major diseases that affect the system. Describe the disease(s) identified.

Describe major laboratory and diagnostic tests that are used to assess respiratory diseases.

Using the disease(s) identified in the previous prompt, identify the most common laboratory and diagnostic test used to access the disease(s). Describe the test identified.

Describe the main health care providers for the respiratory department. Identify the main health care providers in this department.

Describe the role they play (to the patient, facility, or community) and the types of patients they see (typical demographics, age, gender, etc.).

Cite at least 2 peer-reviewed, scholarly, or similar references. For additional information on how to properly cite your sources, log on to the Center for Writing Excellence.

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