Resume Assignment

by | Mar 12, 2021 | College (1-2), English

Use the attached document as a foundation and modify the document in the following ways:

1. Keep the same personal information on top of the document.

2. Change the format and margins of the document to make it look more professional.

3. Under work history add- Nationwide Financial and make detailed comprehensive bullet points (4 max) about the position of Internal Wholesaler. Use various search engines that describe overall the position of an internal wholesaler in a mutual fund/ insurance company (and in this case the funds are Nationwide Bond Index, Monument Adviser and Nationwide S&P 500 Index.) Use numbers, details and so forth.

4. Add as many of these key words and terns within the bullet points as possible, such as 
– in-depth consulting, -Use of Salesforce, Powerpoint and Excel, -CRM database usage (Thomas Reuters, Factset), -the top RIAs, broker-dealers, and wirehouses that I work with (the names of those firms within the specific territory. In this case the midwest), use of various computer systems to aid financial modeling, presentation skills, relationship building skills, financial statement analysis using Morningstar and Vanguard reports to analyze various mutual funds compared to Nationwide product, business to business consulting,excellent phone skills (with the actual amount of dials), actively linking Nationwide database through DST to financial advisors platforms and money gathering tools like eVestments, Alliance etc. 

5. Under AXA Advisors. Change the position to a financial sales role. Remove, leave or add points within the bullet points that incorporate more of a sales role to retail clients.

6. Change the position under AT&T to a financial sales position and remove the Morgan Stanley position.

7. Under Credentials, add Series 63.

8. Add a Leadership tab.
– under this tab add University of Missouri business fraternity vice president ( Pi Sigma Epsilon), Volunteer Work at Northeast Missouri Food Bank, Leader of business panels which included CNBC Fast Money’s Guy Adami, Business School (Trulaske College of Business) Ambassador and add one point for each.

9. Under Education add
– honors, minor in strategic business management

10. Remove the Attributes tab and everything under it.

Try to not exceed the one page limit. Be concise while elaborate and descriptive. Build value with your bullet points and make sure that every one of them is relevant. Use the internet and what I have given you as an outline to re-do this particular resume. Change the format to make the document appear more professional.

You do not need to change the dates. Make sure you use the internet to develop a clear understanding of what exactly an internal wholesaler does and fuse it into the points. As well as someone in financial sales

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