Retaliation Against Waiting Drivers

by | Nov 6, 2021 | Assignment

QUESTIONS 1) Based on observing more than 400 drivers in the Atlanta area, two investigators at Georgia State University concluded that people exiting parking spaces did so more slowly when a driver in another car was waiting for the space than when no one was waiting (“Territorial Defense in Parking Lots: Retaliation Against Waiting Drivers,” Journal of Applied Social Psychology [1997]:821-834). Describe how you might design an experiment to determine whether this phenomenon is true for your city. What is the response variable? What are some extra- neous factors and how does your design control for them?

2) A horse race has 11 entries and one person owns 2 of those horses. Assuming that there are no ties, what is the probability that those two horses finish first and second (regardless of order)?The probability that the two horses finish first and second is ????3) The equation used to predict the total body weight (in pounds) of a female athlete at a certain school is y^ = -110 + 2.88 x1 + 2.04 x2, where x1 is the female athlete’s height (in inches) and x2 is the female athlete’s percent body fat, measured as x2%. Use the multiple regression equation to predict the total body weight for a female athlete who is 72 inches tall and has 27% body fat. a) The predicted total body weight for a female athlete who is 72 inches tall and has 27% body fat is [ ]???

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