Review of manchester crime

Write an article on Review of Manchester Crime Reduction Strategy 2008-2011. It needs to be at least 1750 words. For crime and disorder, the strategy supports a number of other partnerships that aim to drive improvements in employment, health, transport, the environment and outcomes for young people. The main significant strategy aims to have a city of successful neighbourhoods and for people to feel secure and enjoy their living. Young people should be in a position to make real choices about their future. To accomplish this, children must stay safe and be protected from crime. Therefore there’s a need to provide young people with opportunities and activities that can both raise their aspirations and divert them away from the risk of committing the crime. Reducing crime is an essential part in regenerating the city and improving our transport system, that is, reducing crime is a key feature of all our strategic objectives to improve the overall quality of life of the residents. From 2005 to 2008, a target was set by the Manchester Crime and Disorder Reduction Strategy to reduce the overall level of crime as measured by the British Crime Survey. This was measured against ten key crime types that included burglary, robbery, vehicle crime and violent crime. The strategy has been successful in tackling antisocial behavior. Better interventions with families have seen the number of young people who comply with their Antisocial Behavior Order (ASBO) increase. An essential result relates to a reprimand, final warning, or court disposal. Also, drug users seeking treatment services in the city continue to increase and the average waiting time for access to treatment continues to reduce.

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