Rhetorical criticism

Rhetorical Criticism. The work is to be 19 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. There is no doubt that President Clinton was keen on persuading the people to support his desire to transform the United States into one nation during the 21st century by resolving issues related to the ethnic and racial divide (Lawson, 2009. Churchill & Morris, 1999. Clinton, 1997). In the process of reducing the incidence of ethnic and racial divide, President Clinton (1997) explained that the entire country could solve socio-economic problems related to inequalities in terms of gaining access to education, employment, health care services, and homeownership among others. To accomplish his goals, President Clinton said that he will use the “study, dialogue, and action” approach to address the issue of racial divide (Goering, 2001. Smith, 1998). Right after he delivered his speech, President Clinton started to appoint a total of 7 advisory board members who were assigned to educate the people concerning racial issues such as racial and ethnic divide (Smith, 1998).Rhetoric is all about analyzing how the speakers or writers make use of words verbally or non-verbally as a way of being able to persuade their target audiences (Kuypers & King, 2009: 4). In most cases, a good rhetoric criticism should focus on examining speeches that can create a new insight which can be used in creating a hypothesis for future research (Brock, Scott, & Chesebro, 1990: 17). In real-life practice, there are cases wherein speech information is based on impulse or thoughts that are not in accordance with scientific knowledge. To prevent people from believing things that are not based on impulses, rhetorical criticism is normally conducted to allow people to determine whether or not there is a value in what is being said in a campaign or speech act (Brock, Scott, & Chesebro, 1990, p. 13). Conducting rhetoric criticism is important because it can help us generate new political alignment that can work best within our social system (Brock, Scott, & Chesebro, 1990: 17). In line with this, critical race theory (CRT) can be used in critically examining social issues related to race (Yosso, 2005).

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