Write an essay which analyzes the rhetorical figures of 3 selected alcohol advertisements. Your reader will probably not be familiar with the images you have chosen; therefore, you must provide summary, example, and illustration as part of your discussion. In the essay, use Kenyon and Hutchinson’s essay, and their claims, to think through your examples. You can use direct quotations if needed, but you are not required to use them for this essay. Simply document appropriately, according to MLA, if you choose to use direct quotations.

Analyze the work by applying criteria based on your reflection about visual rhetoric and your reading and interpretation of Reading 1. Analyze the images by applying strategies for “reading” these images as suggested in the article.

Some questions to consider:

How is the subject represented? Examine the relationship between the ads and relevant cultural aspects. What governs the relationship between visual and verbal language, the creator and the viewer? How is each example representative of visual rhetoric? Is there an issue from your blog post that you can include or expand on in the essay?

Use MLA formatting for your paper, according to the guidelines on the OWL Purdue site.

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