Rickson’s psychological theory

Write a 3 page essay on Rickson’s Psychological Theory and Piaget’s Cognitive Developmental Theory.He is the first-born and the only son in the family of three. The family is composed of father, mother, and son. Martin is very lucky to be the only baby in this family, which means that all attention is directed to him. In the daytime, he is left with the grandmother who is very caring and gives him all the requirements he needs like ensuring diapers are regularly changed and the child is well fed. At night, he enjoys the companion of the mother and father as they sleep together. Additionally, martin is breast fed at whatever time he is hungry at night. His mother is able to balance her work life and nurse the baby at night. His father is also not left behind in taking care of Martin. He wakes up at night and helps in diaper changing. He also helps in bathing Martin. Therefore, Martin has developed a sense of trust in this period of his life. According to (Erikson, 1964), the quality of the caregiver and dependability determines whether the child will develop trust or mistrust. This is because, at this age, the child is completely dependent. If a child succeeds in developing trust, he or she develops a feeling of safety and security in the world. There are various reasons as to why a child might develop mistrust such as rejecting, emotionally unavailable, and inconsistent caregivers, which means the child will grow knowing that the world is unpredictable and unsafe place.Angel is at the young adolescent stage and of late, she has been experiencing some cases of indecision because she has to select what college she wants to attend, whether to stay away from her home, what career path to follow, and what to choose in a roommate. However, she has an aunt who is well educated and works as a manager for an international company. Her aunt gives her lots of knowledge about life, career paths, and how a dignified woman should conduct. Furthermore, her parents make significant points of how they want her to become a respectable engineer or a pilot. They

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