Risk Assessment

by | Jan 7, 2022 | Assignment

This week you take on the role of the Senior Network Engineer for the organization you chose in Week 1. As a Senior Network Engineer, your responsibilities may include designing the network infrastructure, resolving network issues, addressing user needs, and suggesting improvements to network performance.

As a Senior Network Engineer for your chosen organization, one of your responsibilities is to formulate the IT Divisions Risk Assessment Plan, resolving network issues, addressing user needs, and suggesting improvements to network performance for the NexGen Network in the Middle East.

Research information about your chosen organization to complete this week’s assignment.

Complete a 4- to 6-page Risk Assessment in Microsoft® Word that includes:

A Risk Assessment Matrix

Identify five potential risks:

Describe each risk. Determine the likelihood of each risk. Outline the impact each risk has on the organization you chose. Explain a mitigation strategy for addressing the risk. Continuity Plan Plan for business continuity. Plan for IT disaster recovery. Include risks and concerns to consider during recovery.

Include APA-formatted citations when necessary.

Submit your assignment. allowed must list all sources

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