Roger’s view of human nature

For this week’s discussion, respond to both questions and all sub-questions below. Be sure to consult and list an outside resource, refer to the textbook readings, and reply to at least two peers. See the Grading Rubric below.

Question # 1: Person-Centered Chapter 7 (answer all parts of the question)

Think about Roger’s view of human nature and how it influences the practice of counseling. 


1. In your own words, explain the concept, “actualization tendency.”

2. How does the actualization tendency influences the practice of Person-Centered Therapy?

Make sure to make reference to the text to support your points.

Question # 2: Behavioral Therapy Chapter 9 (answer all parts of the question)

Put yourself in the place of a client and think of a particular problem you might have that involves some form of fear or avoidance.

As the client, would you want your therapist to use in vivo (gradual) exposure OR flooding to treat the fear?

1. Identify the fear

2. Select a treatment (exposure or flooding)

3. Explain the specific steps to applying the treatment 

4. Explain why you selected the particular method of treatment over the other option. 

Grading Rubric for Discussion Posts- 8 Points

· Did the student answer the question fully? (4.5 points)

· Did the response make reference to the assigned reading? (0.5 points)

· Did the response include the use of at least one outside resource to support points made in the discussion with reference listed? (2 points)

· Did the student respond to at least 2 other student posts (1 point)

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