Role of Advertising/Marketing

Directions: This is your final project for this course. This project consists of three parts. Part one – 3-page paper (MLA format – ONLY), Part two – Discussion and Part three – Reviewing Evernote company (video and website)

As discussed in class and in your text- Chapter 11 &12. Advertising plays a major role in the Communication world. When you think about Advertising / Marketing, major companies come to mind. Coca- Cola, Apple, Samsung, Kraft, Tide, Budweiser, Cîroc just to name a few. Each one of these companies spends millions of dollars in promoting their products. Apple targets tech people, educators, young adults, and teenagers. Budweiser spends millions of dollars on sports ads and super bowl commercials. Cîroc targets party-goers, clubs, and uses celebrities to promote their brand. Social Media has also become a marketing tool to promote small and big brand products.

Part One:

Imagine that you are working for a startup Marketing company and you are now in charge of a $20,000 marketing budget to promote a product or brand for your client.

Think of a brand or product that you would like to market. Be creative, it can be anything. This is your brand that you have made up.


· Food: Chips, soda, etc.

· Clothing /shoes

· Hair products

· Artist – Music, Art, Writer, Books, etc.

Write a 3-page paper (MLA format) on the brand/product that you are marketing. In the paper make sure to include how are you spending the funds, how are you going to market the brand or product, target audience, etc. Describe your product or brand in detail.

In the paper make sure to include the information below:

· Define your advertising goals  

· Pick what you want to promote

· Identify your target audience

· Determine where to find your audience  

· Decide your campaign timing

· Set an advertising budget

· Select outlets to advertise in

· Create the advertising message and graphics

· Measure results

Part Two:

First, using the internet, find an example of a company that encourages ethical business behavior. Explain why you believe their actions are encouraging ethical behavior. Why do you think the company chose to act as they did?

Second, using the internet, find an example of a socially responsible business. Explain why you believe their actions are socially responsible. Why do you think the company chose to act as they did?

Provide a link to the websites utilized so we may view your choice.

Part Three:


View the following video.

Visit the following link (Links to an external site.)

After viewing the videos and visiting the website answer the following questions.

1. Evernote is a leading note-taking and memory app.  Based upon what you learned from the video and visiting the website, do you think Evernote is a decentralized or centralized organization? Explain your answer.

2. What form of leadership does Evernote exhibit. Provide examples.

3. Do you believe Evernote is an ethical and socially responsible company? Explain your answer.

4. What do you find appealing about working for a company like Evernote? What do you not find appealing? Provide examples.

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