Role of human resource management

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Make sure that it is your own work and not copy and paste because my professor uses a system where it can tell if the work is original and where you got your reference from. Please watch out for grammar and spelling errors. Please read the study guide.

Book reference: If you were managing workflow within teams, how would you attempt to keep team employees motivated within your current organization? Explain your response, and use at least one academic source to support your points.


For this assignment, reflect on the research you conducted in Unit I, and write a research paper that addresses the following items:

  • how the role of human resource management is important to the establishment of strategy and structure in an organization;
  • how organizational, environmental, and individual challenges influence work-flow analysis; how work-flow analysis supports strategy and organizational structure;
  • how motivation theories feed into a strong organizational workforce;
  • how job design and job analysis are important to organizational structure;
  • and how the relationship between a flexible workforce and the human resource information systems supports the strategy and organizational structure.

Your research paper must be a minimum of three pages in length, not counting the title or reference pages. You must support your research paper with at least two sources. (Refer to the research articles you submitted for your annotated bibliography assignment in Unit I). Use APA style for this assignment.


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