Roles of both the contractors and clients

Prepare and submit a paper on roles of both the contractors and clients quantity surveyor in the construction industry. The main roles of quantity surveyors in the construction business, which vary from construction waste management, submission of periodic reports to the client, and advise the stakeholders on issues of cost reduction among other things. While coming up with the right procedure that will ensure all than important roles of a quantity surveyor are recorded, a comparison between the clients’ quantity surveyor and contractors’ quantity surveyor has to be reported to allow for easier clarification areas of the construction project.In the construction industry, the quantity surveyors are recognized as vital personnel who carry out an evaluation before a project execution is initiated. As per the norms of all organizations, both the client and the contractor must institutionalize their own independent surveyor whose mandate is to take evaluations concerning the costs of setting up a project from the time the project starts to the time it is completed. The main role of the surveyor is to synchronize the least possible cost required to set a construction project while achieving the optimum value and quality. For a quantity surveyor to come up with an approximate value needed to complete any construction project, he must understand building requirements and regulations in the construction industry. Some of the clients do allow the quantity surveyor to work within their premises while some are only interested in estimates of the project.The usual roles of a client’s surveyor include doing the job around his office, by construction premises where the actual work is being carried and at consultant rooms where clients briefing and other clerical duties are handled. Roles may vary depending on the environment, location, and clients, the duties are, however, similar because everything involved is in the same industry. The most common duties include the followingThe role of quantity surveyors has since changed drastically to accommodate additional duties such as the signing of new contracts on behalf of the clients.

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