Romantic Period

by | Sep 20, 2021 | Assignment

#1…The name “Romantic Period”: does this mean the music is about love? What are the origins and connotations to the name? What are the begin-ending dates? *Once you find out what the label “Romantic” really implies, how does the name go with the variety of music you are hearing from this time period? (Go ahead and listen to some of the selections in our text)

#2…Find any piece of music on You Tube during this period (Be sure of the dates) that you can identify as having been used in a movie, cartoon, commercial or any modern media outlet.

Why do you think it and/or any (of classmates’ choices) was used in the 20th-21st century, even though it was written in the 19th century? ***Copy/paste and Post the You Tube-URL with your comments for all to watch and listen. (***After you Copy/Paste the URL, be sure to hit Enter!

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