Roots are intermingled with social context

Create a 1 page essay paper that discusses Birh.Hence, it is a universal phenomenon, which roots are intermingled with social context. The long lasting effects on a child’s health due to poor nourishment or low birth weight are so distressing, that they became a cause of heart attack, diabetes, cancer, problems of organs in abdomen (Berk, 2004).The episode of ER: Carol Hataway Great Expectations. shows a glimpse of how in a modern world, where people are busy in career development, have long and demanding job requirements, extreme weather and social abnormalities present. Still the process of birth is taking place with all its intensity, apparentness, involvement and perseverance. The pain in the form of contractions is a call from the child when he wants to be out in the world and explore it by becoming a part of the society. His existence out of the womb will count him the as a member of society and hence, the ethical rules will then be implacable on him.The human instinct of survival is basic and known, but the way humans react towards saving their breed is especially, poignant. The instinctive action to save new life and the moment a new life arrives adds to the human race, which makes up the society. Therefore, from there onwards his actions are directly affective to cause reaction and eventually a change in social context. The emotion attached to a human birth is a symbol of invisible bond a new born can create without uttering a single word. The criticality of human birth has been evidently observed, how moment after moment a change comes in the position of the child inside the womb and how it causes pain. Even then, the mother bears the pain to keep her baby safe and alive (Thorpe et al.,

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