Saddam Hussein

This is a graded discussion: 25 points possible


Respond to the following prompt:

Many military experts argue that the United States could have brought down Saddam Hussein during the 1990-1991 Gulf War. Do you agree or disagree with President George H.W. Bush’s decision to leave Saddam in power?

Why or why not?


After you have posted your initial post, read and respond to two or more of your classmates’ posts. Be sure to make substantive and constructive comments (just posting “nice post” doesn’t count). For example, add something from your own experience, something you’ve read or seen. If the situation calls for it, feel free to state an opinion, but be sure to state any points with which you agree and/or those with which you disagree, as well as your reasons for agreeing or disagreeing.


This discussion is worth 25 points toward your final grade and will be

graded using the Discussion Rubric. Please use it as a guide toward

successful completion of this discussion. 

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