Digital Media Schindler’s List Reflection Editing Midterm Film Exam
Write a 3-5 page reflection on Schindler’s List using the following questions as guides. Each topic must be addressed. Feel free to include any of your own personal feelings and experiences.

1. How doe the films editing help to pace the emotionality of the narrative?

2. Discuss the use of transitions to inform time and space.

3. Choose a scene to analyze the relationship of every shot, its framing, duration, camera movement, matches, eye lines, etc. and how they function to convey narrative information.
You must use specific evidence from the film to support your arguments TAKE NOTES
All papers must be double-spaced, typed in 12 pt Times New Roman and include a proper heading (Name, Class, Topic, Date). All papers must include and Introductory Paragraph, a several Body Paragraphs, and a Concluding Paragraph

All papers must be written in complete academia utilize proper organization of ideas into punctuation before submitting.
Papers must be submitted via Google permissions.

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