Scholarly critique of an article

Module 1: Directions for Discussion
Evaluate the article and provide a scholarly critique of the content. Your response must include the following:
• Describe the public health significance of the study. Discuss whether the impact is local or global and what important public health gap might be filled by this article.
• Critique the methodology. Support your analysis of how effective this methodology was and what might have been done differently to be more effective.
• Interpret the results in your own words and explain whether you agree or disagree with the author’s interpretation.
• Appraise whether the findings are actionable and if so, describe at least one action.

Locate another research study on this same topic. In your posting:
• Provide the full APA reference and compare and contrast the articles. Describe whether the findings support each other or are in contradiction.
• Explain whether your opinions about the topic have changed in any way as a result of reviewing the second article. Explain your response.

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