School Organizational Health

Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses School Organizational Health. Curriculum, as Freiberg says, are academic standards that are adhered to by the teachers, this ensures that they meet their target at the end of the term. The Leader teacher must concentrate on this area in order to see that their institutions move to greater heights in the education graph, hence increasing the number of students joining in the institution. For example, a good institution will always have more students enrolling every year (Freiberg, 1999).

The task is what we engage in our day to day activities to win our daily bread, the Leader teacher influences this difficult duty by ensuring that everything that is needed for the job is in position at the right moment, teachers are motivated to carry out their duty well and in time. For example, a head teacher who ensures that learning materials are in place at the right time and teachers are in class in time, his/her institution has a greater chance to improve amicably (Freiberg, 1999).

Freiberg has put across that good relationship at work matters a lot in every organization set up, this is how people relate to an organization which is a key factor for the organization to succeed. The good relationship at work creates an excellent working environment. As a leader one should enhance good relationship at work in order to achieve the set objectives. For example, an institution with the bad teacher to student relationship always fails at the end (Freiberg, 1999).

Every person has a gift that should be proud of. These are gifts that need to be natured otherwise one may never realize them at all. A teacher has a mandate to encourage the students to diversify their talents by buying the equipment needed by the institution and involve themselves in co-curriculum activities such as footballs, netballs etc. For example, students cannot appreciate the facility if their talents are not enhanced at all (Freiberg, 1999).

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