Science isn’t broken

Please number your answers for easy reading and submit them by uploading a .doc, docx, or .rtf file. TimOpen and read the article “Science Isn’t Broken”. Reading through ALL of it will help you understand the finer details of how inference works and how it can be abused! ( at the interactive “Hack Your Way to Scientific Glory”, choose Republicans or Democrats.  WRITING DOWN EACH CHANGE YOU MAKE, modify the selections under “Define Terms” until you reach a finding that a) the party you chose has a significant positive effect on the economy; then b) find a combination that shows the party you chose has a significant negative effect on the economy. Report the changes you made, each significant combination you found, and the p value you found. How much work did it take you to find these significant results, and what’s the lesson to be learned from this exercise?  Specifically, which type of error is this exercise likely to represent–Type I or II, and why?  What is “p-hacking” and how does it happen in the course of scientific research? What’s the point of the example about soccer calls?  How does the article address the challenge that because of the replication crisis, science is broken? That is, why does Aschwanden say science isn’t broken?

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