Science test

1. Two students from two different schools recently took a science test. The first student correctly answered 34 questions and the second student correctly answered 48 questions. What can be concluded from the two students’ test scores? a. The second student is smarter than the first student. b. The two students did equally well on the exam. c. The two students cannot be compared because no standardization procedure was used to permit comparisons. d. The two students cannot be compared because the scores did not form a linear curve. 40. The distribution of means based on a sample size of 20, pulled from a population distribution with a mean of 100 and a standard deviation of 15, would have a standard error of: a. 1.33. b. 3.35. c. 5.16. d. 5.33.20.     

Assume the average height for American women is 64 inches, with a standard deviation of 2 inches. What percentage of groups of size 25 would have mean heights of more than 64.5 inches? (Round z score to two decimal places). a. 10.56 b. 22.82 c. 35.31 d. 89.44

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