In lab this week, the purpose will be to explore the process of the scientific method. In this assignment you are going to choose a purchase of a new house, or wedding venue, or honeymoon destination, or a new vehicle and apply the steps of scientific investigation to determine whether your choice was valid. You will have to work individually and make one choice (hypothesis.
Choose one of the following scenarios to investigate:
A purchase of a new house: the observation was that your present living conditions have changed and you are able to purchase a house and you ask yourself, “Which house is the right house for me?”
The purchase of a new vehicle. The observation was that your present car is getting old and has not been reliable and you ask yourself, “What make and model of car should I buy?”
After deciding which scenario, select a group of five possible choices (car,venues, vacation spots.
Decide on one of the five possibilities and give four reasons for that choice. Remember that these should be testable and quantifiable. This is your hypothesis.

Develop four predictions based on the four reasons you gave in previous step. The predictions are what you expect about your choice.

Design a test for each prediction. Imagine that you are actually testing the prediction and record the data obtained in your notebook.

Develop a conclusion that shows the validity of your hypothesis.

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