Second Amendment of the US Constitution

by | Mar 30, 2021 | College (1-2), Political Science

Essay Assignment on the Second Amendment of the US Constitution:

After reading the Second Amendment of our Constitution, please write a 2-3 page essay incorporating your answers to ALL the following questions:

  1. Given the history of mass shootings in the United States, do you believe the US Congress should pass legislation to restrict the number of guns a citizen in the US can purchase and own? If no, why not; if yes, why?
  2. Do you believe the sale of guns, classified as assault weapons, should be banned in the US by congressional action? If no, why not; if yes, why?
  3. In response to the dramatic increase in shootings occurring in schools, do you believe the Congress and/or the Pennsylvania General Assembly should pass legislation allowing teachers to bring a handgun into Pennsylvania classrooms? If no, why not; if yes, why?
  4. Do you believe the Second Amendment, written and adopted in 1791, should be replaced by a new Amendment to the Constitution that would place limits on gun purchases and ownership? If no, why not; if yes, why?

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