Self reflection on Eugenics

by | Sep 20, 2021 | Assignment

Schultz, D.P., & Schultz, S.E. (2012). A History of Modern Psychology, (Ed. 10th).Chapter 6, Functionalism: Antecedent Influences Chapter 7, Functionalism: Development and Founding Chapter 8, Applied Psychology: The Legacy of Functionalism

Background Information:

Your Discussion Forum posts this week are first and foremost a discussion of your experience, thoughts, feelings, difficulties, biases, or anything else that comes to mind, that takes you to a place of self-reflection related to the subject of Eugenics. In your self-reflection discussion, think about the following questions and relate these to the nine virtual Eugenic exhibits that you will tour through the multimedia site, Eugenics Virtual Archives (Please note: For the Discussion Forum posts, it is to be a  growth experience for each of you personally, so the response required is where this process took you in your mind, heart and soul).

Before the Initial Post:

Tour the nine virtual exhibits in the Eugenics Virtual Archives.  Watch the video, War on the Weak: Eugenics in America.  Read Dudley and Gale (2002) article on psychiatry and eugenics. Attached below


Describe 3 contributing factors from the field of psychology to the Eugenics movement in America and/or in Germany and discuss what you personally learned from the Eugenics archive.

Briefly discuss the Dudley and Gale (2002) article and then describe how we ass professionals in our field can avoid committing similar mistakes from the past? Did you feel that you learned more about you as it relates to your worldview, biases, psychology or relationship with God? Discuss briefly. Make initial post 250-300 words

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