Sexual harassmen

Argumentative essay on Sexual harassmen. Needs to be 4 pages. The most common means of reprimanding employees found to be complicit in sexual harassment in the workplace are termination of employment, a verbal/written reprimand and a mandated apology. It has been found that employees of a company or organization that tend to lean towards harsher punishments for sexual harassment feel the company takes the problem seriously. This establishes a relationship of trust between employees and management that can create an atmosphere that discourages sexual harassment (Nelson, 2007). Organizations that avoid firing, reprimanding and mandating apologies risk alienating employees. Sexual harassment claims will be less likely to be made because of the perception that nothing will be done or it will be swept under the carpet by some sort of secret deal. Perceptions among employees that sexual harassment is tolerated as a result of the established organizational culture, combined with a that witnesses the harassment’s political beliefs can discourage reporting of observed sexual harassment (Benavides, 2010). Considering that the NRA is a pro-business lobbying group, the current president needs to take the probable political affiliations of employees as a consideration when considering changes to the sexual harassment policy at the NRA.Also of importance in this incident is how the current president of the NRA reviews the existing sexual harassment policy. This is important because individuals outside of the organization tend to judge the organization being accused of providing an unsafe work environment more harshly if they are not playing by their own rules. If there is a sexual harassment policy that had been violated, or if there is no sexual harassment policy at all, jurors tend to award the plaintiff more monetary damages (Cass, 2010). The lesson that needs to be learned from this finding that can be applied to the current situation is this: the public and

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