William Shakespeare is considered the greatest writer of the English language. He wrote 39 plays, 154 sonnets, and two narrative poems. He attended elementary school but there is no record that he attended school after that. There is no record that he ever left England, yet his plays often take place in counties outside of England. He died at the age of 52, a very young age for an accomplished playwright.

Recently scholars have questioned where Shakespeare really wrote all the works for which we give him credit.

Your assignment is to research this topic and ascertain whether Shakespeare wrote the 59 plays society credits to him.

Research paper title: Shakespeare: A Question of Authorship.


  1. Five full pages of text.
  2. Eight in-text citations from at least four different sources. Have a workcited page
  3. MLA Format must be used throughout the paper.
  4. In research papers the use of the first person singular or plural (I or we) are not permitted to be used unless they are in a quote.
  5. In your first paragraph clearly write your thesis statement, your position on the topic under investigation.

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