Get the answer to Shakespeare Plays Essay. Answer the following two essay questions in about 9-12 paragraphs. Please remember that an essay has an opening, declares a point of view, develops and defends that point of view, and comes to a conclusion.

1) 3. Compare the plot of the relationship between Hermia and Lysander with the plots of Pyramus and Thisbe and Romeo and Juliet. Why do Hermia and Lysander get to live happily after? Why do we care? Why is Romeo & Juliet a more popular play than either of the other two?

2) 3. Most of our attention in these plays is focused on the upper-class folks, the lords and ladies. But occasionally we get to meet the people who are workers, attendants, servants. Consider Bottom, Juliet’s nurse, Adam, one of the shepherds in Midsummer Night’s Dream, and the servants at the opening of Romeo & Juliet and discuss the roles they take in the plots of these plays.

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