Shape Sorter for Toddlers

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A Study of Growth and Development

Each student is to construct a toy, game, or activity that will stimulate a child at a specific level of growth and development. The level of growth and development will be specified by the instructor for each student from the following group:

Toddler: ages 1-3 years

Clinical conference time will be used for presentation of the play project.
A written paper (2.5 – 3 pages) TYPED double space will be submitted to instructor to include the following information:

1. Identify what function play serves for the assigned age group.
2. Specify how the child is stimulated by the toy, game, or activity you choose to construct.
3. Identify important factors to consider when selecting an appropriate toy, game, or activity for the hospitalized child.
4. Discuss the importance of safety (age appropriate) and explain why the toy or play therapy you constructed would be considered safe.
5. Describe one method of therapeutic play therapy which the nurse could utilize in preparing a child for a procedure or to help them express their feelings.

Please cite four (4) references (other than your pediatric textbook), less than 5 years old that were used in preparing your presentation. Suggested references: pediatric nursing journals, growth and development textbooks, and internet search on pediatric play therapy. This assignment is due the day you are at either Scottish Rite or Children’s.

The play project paper should be TYPED according to APA format and include a bibliography in APA format.

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