Compose a 500 words essay on Should Ireland legalise marijuana. Needs to be plagiarism free!Moreover, comparing the drug use and consumption in both Ireland and Colorado is imperative for further development and understanding of the issue.Regarding the drug consumption and possession, the law forbids the use of marijuana in Portugal. In the country, the illicit use of marijuana increased from 7.8% in a lifetime to 12%. However, when carrying out the study in 2012 (Kilmer, 2013), the use of the drug among teenagers had greatly decreased. It is vital to note that the overall consumption of the drug increased by 4.1% since the year 2001 (Kilmer, 2013).

Going through the same issue in Ireland, one recognizes that people in the country are avid users of the substance. A poll carried out in the year 1998 showed that 24% of all the citizens in the country supported the act that sought to legalize the use of marijuana in the country. In contemporary research carried out, 39% of adults in Ireland are for the legalization of marijuana that is a huge increase (Murphy, 2008).With the information, it is important to compare this with the manner through which Colorado discusses the issue of marijuana smoking.

According to the United States’ records, there are two different sides to the use marijuana in Colorado, as opposed to Ireland. In Ireland, the government does not seek to identify any&nbsp.marijuana&nbsp.legalization be it medicinal or recreational. It has all uses of bhang banned. However, in Colorado, the state government recognizes that there are two types of marijuana in the United States. This is medicinal and recreational.

On November of the year 2000, people of Colorado went to the poll to determine the people that were for the legalization of marijuana. In the poll, 54% of these people approved the amendment of section 20 of the state’s constitution (Toney, 2012). However, the legalization of this commodity was only for medicinal purposes. However, with regard to the use of regular or rather recreational marijuana, this was banned….

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