Should Marijuana be Legalized in Colorado

Should Marijuana be Legalized in Colorado. Write a 1250 word paper answering; This paper argues that Marijuana should not be legalized in Colorado because the potential health risks associated with its use outweigh its benefits.One of the reasons why I strongly believe that Marijuana should not be legalized the state of Colorado laws is that the drug is highly addictive and is generally difficult to stop once an individual begins to use the drug. Numerous studies indicate that up to 10% of Marijuana get addicted to the drug and are unable to stop its use despite the numerous negative effect of the drug on various aspects of their lives (Drug Enforcement Administration 7). This has been particularly evidenced by the recent reports that many of the homeless in Colorado are increasingly getting addicted to the use of Marijuana after its legalization in 2012 (Quelch and David 13). In most cases, cannabis addiction has always been linked to the occurrence of a withdrawal syndrome similar to that of alcohol or nicotine withdrawal, which makes it significantly hard to quit using the drug. In this regard, legalizing marijuana would not be a smart public health safety move because it will lead to increased marijuana use as well as increased rates of addiction among the youths.Another important reason why Marijuana should not be legalized is attributed to its numerous harmful effects on human health. “Despite some of its potential medicinal value, empirical evidence suggests that Marijuana contains up to 33 chemicals that may cause cancer” (Drug Enforcement Administration 5). This is further compounded by the fact that unlike tobacco, the absence of filters increases the likelihood of deposition of marijuana tar into the lungs four times more than tobacco.Although Marijuana is currently considered illegal and is categorized as a schedule 1 drug under the federal laws, the 2012 legalization of the drug in Colorado attempts to treat it like other soft drugs such as alcohol and tobacco (Ingold 21). Other experts suggest that long-term use of&nbsp.Marijuana has also been associated with a host of other health problems some of which include permanent brain damage, impaired cognitive functions, mood/anxiety disorders and in extreme cases even death.

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