Signals and Electronic Systems

CIS115-6 Signals and Electronic Systems

Systems Engineering Assignment

(50% of total assignment marks)

  • You MUST submit an electronic copy of your INDIVIDUAL report through the BREO site for this unit


  • System design and analysis of antenna module for a Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) satellite


You are working as a systems engineer at AntennaTech, a small-medium enterprise (SME) specialising in the custom design of hi-tech wireless systems.

The company encourages the use of formal systems design methodologies for new products as it is established through past experience that this approach enhances product success rate and increases customer satisfaction.

A client from the space communications sector has approached the company requiring facilitation in the design of a novel air-borne antenna for a new satellite to be launched soon as part of a specific GNSS. The client has the conceptual idea of the device along with its functional requirements and applications. However, he requires your company to develop the technical design of the product ready for manufacturing. You have been informed that the antenna module would be working as part of the navigation system of a satellite that would provide navigation and positioning services to commercial users worldwide.

Being leader of the systems design team, you are tasked to prepare the following two documents in order to facilitate the system design process:

  1. Requirement Document

A formal requirement document is needed. The document should include:

  1. Project Overview (10%)

Give a brief description of this project or product and its intended audience.

  • Product Context (20%)

Describe the general factors that affect the product and its requirements including:

  1. Stakeholder Identification: Include a table providing brief description of each stakeholder, his role, needs and objectives.
    1. Assumptions: List any assumptions that affect the requirements.
    1. Constraints: List any items that will constrain the design options.
    1. Dependencies: List dependencies that affect the requirements.
  • Requirements (30%)

Describe all system requirements.

Organise these requirements in a way that works best for your project.

Describe every input into the system, every output from the system, and every function performed by the system in response to an input or in support of an output.

Each requirement should be numbered (or uniquely identifiable) and prioritized according to the following priority definition:

  • Priority 1 – The requirement is a “must have” as outlined by policy/law.
  • Priority 2 – The requirement is needed for improved processing, and the fulfillment of the requirement will create immediate benefits.
  • Priority 3 – The requirement is a “nice to have” which may include new functionality.
  1. User Requirements: List requirements of the system taking into account all the stakeholders.
    1. Functional Requirements: List the functional requirements of the system. Also include a Functional Flow Block Diagram of the system.
  • Risk Management Document (40%)

Perform a detailed risk assessment of the system and devise a plan to manage these risks. Summarise your findings in the form of a table providing risk description, type of the risk, consequences, risk level, and suggested control measure.

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