Significance of Maritime Transportation

Write an article on Significance of Maritime Transportation. It needs to be at least 1500 words. The Maritime Administration is executing a leading role in relieving congestion in US ports, which assists in easing the congestion all over the national transportation system. Strategically planned utilization of marine highway has to lead to reduce stress on the overall transportation system in order to facilitate highways to bear a load of the amplified traffic that is anticipated in the approaching decades. The exceptional and imaginative utilization of vessels and other resources has enthused significant opinion about how waterborne transportation assets be capable of filling imperative transportation gaps and be utilized as recovery assets. Marine transportation is essential if an occasionally less publicly visible element of the global economy. It is not an overstatement to articulate that the maritime transportation sector is crucial to the proficient organization of the entire economy. Both domestic and international trade relies greatly on this sector’s facilitative support to gain a competitive lead. As such, it is paramount for every economy to build up a dynamic and well-organized maritime transportation sector to shore up its maritime industry and economy if it is to maintain its position as a competitive trading nation. But to attain such level of achievement, the challenges besetting the sector must be resolutely met head-on, and the competition is fought off at all fronts. Global goods movement is a vital element in the global freight transportation system that comprises of ocean & coastal routes, inland waterways, railways, roads, and air freight. In some cases, the freight transportation network connects locations by multiple modal routes, functioning as modal substitutes. A primary example is containerized short-sea shipping, where the shipper or logistics provider has some extent of choice on movement modes of freight between locations.&nbsp.

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