Significant scientific revolutionary

Your response to the discussion question will be in two parts. Use subheadings to label your answers Part A and Part B. The first section is a common question about the readings that everyone will answer. In the second section, you will select one of six different questions to answer.  

PART A: Copernicus, Galileo, or Newton? Based on your readings of Shapin, McClellan and Dorn, which of the three was the most significant scientific revolutionary, and why?

PART B: Select one of the following questions to answer. CLEARLY INDICATE the question you are answering in your thread title. For example, if you are answering the first question type: \”Response to Question 1.\” I would like to see all the questions answered in as equal numbers as possible.

1. Why are the 16th and 17th centuries known as the \”incubation period of the modern world\”?

2. Do you think that science can have revolutions? If so, which aspect of the Scientific Revolution do you find the most revolutionary?

3. What is the meant by the phrase the \”death of nature\” and it\’s relationship to the founders of the Scientific Revolution?

4. What was the significance of magic in relationship to the Scientific Revolution?

5. What were some of the reasons that the new mechanistic view of the universe was important during the Scientific Revolution?

6. Try to state in your own words Kuhn\’s thesis regarding the Scientific Revolution.

Use the readings to inform your answer. If one of the questions is not supported by the readings (most are), then you are to use our library to research it. There is to be NO USE OF COMMON WEBSITES in your answer under any circumstances. Scholarly and peer reviewed research only. Visit this link to assist you:  

Readings from the week:

Science and Technology in World History: Chapter 10, Guns and Plagues

Science and Technology in World History: Chapter 11, Copernicus Incites a Revolution

Science and Technology in World History: Chapter 12, Crime and Punishment of Galileo

Science and Technology in World History: Chapter 13, \”God said, Let Newton be!\”The Scientific Revolution Steven Shapin: Introduction

The Scientific Revolution and The Death of Nature

Review of Carolyn Merchants The Death of Nature

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