Single and multiple table queries

Part A – Single and multiple table queries 1. List in ascending order the Last Names of all borrowers with Card Number less than 150. 2. What are the records of those loans between 3 June 2014 and 8 Mar 2018?? The output should include the name of the cardholder, and title of the book? List in ascending order by last name and first name

3. Find the total numbers of loans with last name beginning with D through E (including E); include last name beginning with Q as well as Z also.

4. Find all borrowers for a loan that have the Date-in before 15-March-15 and the Card number between 100 and 300 in Karama or Darwin.

5. Find the number of loans, which have been made from each branch?? Note all branches need to be included even those with no loans

Questions Using the Library Database

1. What are the 5 most popular books?? Show ASBN, Title.? HINT: To limit results use ROWNUM.

2. Which branches currently have no loans out?? Show all branch names.? List in ascending order by branch.

3. Find the longest time a book has been loaned out for each branch? Show only branch name and number of days.? List in ascending order by branch name.? Show all branches, even if there are no loaned out books. Therefore, a branch may have a null value for the longest loaded out book.? Format the number of days to one decimal place.

4. Find the borrower that has returned a book on the dated 16 December 2010 and 8 May 2012? Show two different methods.

Question Using the  Customer Invoice Database 5. Devise a delete query, which will eliminate duplicates for customer columns `ID`, `Customer Last Name`, `Customer First Name` and invoice columns `Invoice_Date` and `Invoice_No`.? Ensure the query removes all duplicate data.

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