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by | Jan 23, 2021 | College (1-2), Essay, History

This is a site visit report. I chose the National Museum of American Indian(The Custom House – Whitehall,Manhattan). However because of the virus going on we can no longer visit so i got the link attached below to a virtual tour.
Bibliography is needed as well. The report must be at least 5 double spaced pages. In addition, In Text citations for historical material are required as is a bibliography. (Use MLA style guidelines) Your research must include at least 5 sources including online sources, books, articles. At least 2 full pages of the report must be on your personal observations of the site
(Not all these questions will apply to all sites. Use the points that do fit your site.)

a. What was the original sense of place? Has it changed over time?
b. How does the architecture, landscape or land use influence this sense of place?
c. How does your site fit into the surrounding area or neighborhood? Did the site influence the development of the surrounding area or does it fit into that area? Has the neighborhood or surrounding area changed since your site was built? Do any of these factors influence the sense of place?
d. What is the wider significance of the site (if any)?
e. Have the events of 9/11 changed the sense of place?
f. Is there a reason that the location of your site was chosen? Has the location of your site changed over time?
g. Why do people visit or use this site? Do visitors actively participate in the site in any way? How do they seem to react to the site?
h. Does this site help build community? If so, how? (What role does this historic site or landmark play in the civic life of the community. If any?)
i. What is it about this place that gives it historical significance? What does it tell us about the culture, hopes, aspirations, and conflicts of the American people?
j. If there are displays of objects, how do they reflect the purpose of the site? White displays seem most important?

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