Skills identification project

by | Feb 2, 2021 | Creative Writing

The Skills identification project is meant to help you synthesize the following:

information on the workforce skills/employable skills that you currently have and have identified that you want to develop further (think back to the skills identification assignment)
the skills you are developing in your psychology course and other courses
the skills needed for your future (or current) career

Consider the APA Guidelines for the Undergraduate Major 2.0 (2013).

Then, consider the Committee on Associate and Baccalaureate Education Skillful Psychology Student skills

Use these resources:

Psychology Student Network | February 2019:The skillful psychology student: Skills you will need to succeed in the 21st-Century

Psychology Teacher Network | March 2019: The skillful psychology student: How to empower students with workforce-ready skills by teaching psychology

Bureau of Labor Statistics-

Search your career of interest

US Government Perkins Collaborative Resource Network Employability Skills

You will then present this information in a format of your choosing:

Powerpoint or Prezi

You need to include what skills you have, what skills you want to develop, what skills you are learning in your psychology course, and what skills are needed for your job.

You need to reference the four resources listed above and use APA formatting.

The length of the “project” will vary, but must cover all required content.

Be thorough and creative.

Be professional and proofread your work.

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