Skills needed to be effective in finance

by | Jan 26, 2021 | College (1-2), Finance, Research Paper

You have studied in the class that the major areas of finance are: Corporate finance, Investments, Financial institutions, and International finance. Using the learning materials, identify and explain some of the skills needed in order to be effective in each of the areas. For example, one of the skills in the area of corporate finance would be to be able to develop a budget. Similarly for the investments area, one of the skills learned in the class was ” risk and return analysis”. For the international finance area, risk management, foreign exchange knowledge would be some of the skills needed. Additionally, you will also evaluate and incorporate the impact of technology, the economy, and the new economic stimulus package on careers in the respective areas of finance.

This is a research project to connect the topics learned in class to the practical world of finance. Hence, you have to apply concepts from the textbook chapters, articles from the BCC online library, etc. Your deliverable will be at least five pages double spaced or so words. You need to use at least five sources including your textbook. You also need to use titles and subtitles throughout your paper to keep the flow of your ideas organized and easy to follow.

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