Social and community development

Submit a 2000 words essay on the topic Research proposal ( research for social and community development).However, a study conducted by Crosby and Holtgrave (2006) reveals that low income and poverty while significantly linked to teenage pregnancy, social capital had a stronger influence on teenage pregnancy. Therefore, the role of social and community development appears to have a significant link to teenage pregnancy in the UK and should form the basis of further research.The proposed study will be conducted using a mixed methods research in that both qualitative and quantitative data will be collected and analysed. The qualitative data consists of 5 interviews and the quantitative data consist of at least 50 surveys. The sample population will consist of mothers who were pregnant as teens. Social capital theory will be used as a conceptual framework for analysing the data collected.This section should include the material which outlines the rationale for the project, i.e. why this study needs to be done. This should be done in a way that is both accessible and scholarly, i.e. have proper cited sources.This study is important because the UK is second only to the US in teenage pregnancy rates among all developed nations (Kmietowicz, 2002). Meanwhile the UK has the largest teenage pregnancy rates in all of Europe (Kmietowicz, 2002). Teenage pregnancy is regarded as an important social issue for a number of reasons. The main reason teenage pregnancy is perceived as an important issue is the risk of health to the pregnant teen who seeks to hide the pregnancy or terminate the pregnancy or who engages in risky behaviour that subjects the foetus to the risk of harm (Bonell, 2004).Other facts attributable to the characterization of teenage pregnancy as a major social problem is the welfare services required to support the teen mother and the infant once born (Bonell, 2004). Teenage pregnancy is also said to interfere with the teen mother’s education and thus employment

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